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Post Installation

 Post Installation


  • Your granite, marble or quartzite is a natural stone and has been cleaned & sealed to protect against simple stains. The sealer will settle into the top pores of the stone and as it dries it will clog the pores from the inside-out thus sealing & protecting the surface.

  • Let the sealer dry for at least 4 hours upon application. Do not touch the surface or place any objects on the surface until the sealer has fully dried.

  • Any excess sealer will dry on the surface of your stone and will result in a cloudy & sometimes streaking film. This can be cleaned with dish soap & warm water on a cloth or paper towel with some lite scrubbing.

  • Sealer does not prevent etching in any way so please avoid any acidic or corrosive items and/or products from coming in-contact with your natural stone. Also, any oils coming in-contact with natural stone and not cleaned right away can penetrate & stain stone.


  • Because quartz is an engineered stone, it has been designed and manufactured to be stain resistant. This means it does not require sealer and is ready for use immediately. We still urge caution with items & products that would stain natural stone countertops.


  • If you had a sink under-mounted to the countertop, please allow at least 4 hours to let the silicone that was applied to the rim of the sink to dry before having the drain connected. Drop-in & Farmer/Apron sinks are excluded as the weight of the drop-in sink is supported upon the countertop itself and Farmer/Apron sinks are supported within the cabinets.